Car Buying Guide

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The following steps are devoted to helping you select, price, locate and test-drive the vehicle that is best for you. After reading and completing these steps, you will be ready to move on to the 10 Steps articles to buying a new car, buying a used car, or leasing a new car.


What's Off Roading?

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Off-roading is the recreation of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. There are many different vehicles, tires, surfaces, skills, and experience that is associated with off-roading. There are many recreational sports such as; dune bashing, cross-country, raid, greenlading, mudding/bogging [...]


Project Kics

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Project Kics, a product line consisting of wheel spacers, lug nuts, and hub centric rings


WeatherTech is here! WeatherTech produces automotive protection accessories such as floor liners, cargo mats, bug shields, mud flaps, side window deflectors, bed liners, car covers, and more. With one of the largest application lists, WeatherTech supports almost every make and model in the automotive marketplace.




GSC's billet camshafts for Honda B-Series engines are now available in multiple forgings which cater to individual performance needs. These cams start off as cold-forged alloy steel bars. This means the steel is pressed into its round bar shape rather than molten steel being poured into a mold, as in cast steel cores. The benefit is that the material is both stronger and more dense, leaving no room for pores or imperfections during the forming of the core. This design sets the base for a stronger building block in advanced camshaft development and design process. Furthermore, on high torsion and shock load camshafts with variable valve timing, the billet cores will provide an extremely high level of reliability over the cast core camshafts.

Shear stresses at all undercuts for oil routing journals are met by the stronger cross-sectional area of the billet core vs. the cast core. Shearing at any of these points in variable valve timing equipped engines is now highly unlikely. The fully turned, ground, billet camshafts are also extremely balanced in order to minimize and/or eliminate all types of added harmonics and vibrations. GSC's billet camshafts also utilized nitride coating, a protective layer and case hardened shell to help aid in strength as well as lobe surface lubrication.

Engine Applications

Honda B16A 
Honda B17A 
Honda B18C

Part Numbers / Specifications

- NA Profile for street and light race use 
- Billet Core High lobe (IN/EX) 280/276 Dur, 246/240@1mm, 11.6mm/11.5mm, 104/106 Center

- NA Race profile for aggressive street and race use 
- Billet Core High lobe (IN/EX) 296/288 Dur, 266/258@1mm, 12mm/11.5mm, 102/104 Center

- Turbo Profile for street and race use 
- Billet Core High lobe (IN/EX) 288/276 Dur, 260/254@1mm, 12mm/11.5mm, 109/115 Center


Gram Lights has introduced a new wheel to their collection; the 57 Transcend. The 57 Transcend is a 1- piece cast wheel featuring a 10 spoke design and a concave face. These wheels come in 18" and 19" sizes ranging from 7.5-12" in width. An optional two-step center cap is available in a variety of styles and finishes. The 57 Transcend is offered with a dark gunmetal finish with a machined lip. Another unique feature to this wheel is the machined RAYS logo in the spoke.


A fuel pulse damper is used in fuel injection systems to attenuate pressure pulsations generated by the fuel pump and by the injectors opening and closing. These hydraulic pulses can cause an undesirable noise, which can be transmitted to the passenger compartment. These pulsations are often undetectable with a liquid-filled analog mechanical fuel pressure gauge because they happen so quickly. The fuel pulse damper works by allowing the volume of the fuel system to change slightly to absorb the pulses. This is done with a spring loaded flexible diaphragm.


Greddy introduces their Supreme SP catback exhaust system for the 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI. The Supreme SP for the (VA) Subaru Sedan features large dual oval mufflers and quad staggered tips in a "tucked-away" layout, for maximum muffler ground clearance. Large 76mm (3”) piping is carefully routed around the rear differential to a centralized Y-section for more even flow. This creates and improved performance with exceptional sound for both the EJ powered STI and FA powered WRX applications. The system is finished off with classic quad Supreme SP 89mm laser engraved GReddy tips. Like all GReddy Supreme SP systems, the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Turbosmart’s new Twin Port IWG-75, available in both turbo-specific and universal applications, gives you improved ability to control a wider range of boost from your internally wastegated turbocharger.


SPC has released a rear adjustable control arm to adjust camber on the 2011+ Scion Tc. Simply replace the rear upper control arm with this adjustable arm. This arm includes SPC's xAxis™ sealed flex joint on the outboard end and a bonded rubber bushing on the inner end to maintain factory ride characteristics.
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